P&N photo shoot by Alice Gao…

At P&N we are all big fans of photography and most of the visuals you see on our site, our blog, Facebook and Etsy are shot by us! Back in the Spring we were introduced to the fabulous and talented NY based photographer, Alice Gao. We immediately fell in love with her approach and sensability. After meeting with Alice we decided that would collaborate to create a selection of photos that would bring to life what we do at Pins & Needles. Here we share some details and results of the shoot.

Photo by Alice Gao for Kinfolk Magazine

We first spotted Alice’s work in Kinfolk Magazine – an inspiring magazine with amazing photography and a focus on a growing community of artists who all have a passion and interest in small gatherings. Alice’s photos have a simplicity, but maintain depth, are warm and inviting and convey a story. Her  photos make you want to visit the space she is shooting, take a bite of the food she photographed or be a guest at the wedding she captured. Here is a sampling of what she shot – you will soon be seeing a lot more of what Alice photographed for us…so stay tuned.


Here are a few shots we captured behind the scenes…

We also encourage you to check out Alice’s website to see her portfolio, her blog and her Etsy shop where she sells a selection of her prints. It is always so exciting for us to work with other creative and inspiring talent and be able to share their work with you.

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