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Cloud Rainbow 5

Lately everywhere you look there are clouds, and I’m not just talking about the sky! Clouds, rainbows, and unicorns are three big trends that the P&N team is loving. And we are not the only ones, Robert Kaufman and Riley Blake also agree with some of their most recent fabric collections  – Wonder from RK  (available at the shop now) and Unicorns & Rainbows from RB (coming to the shop soon).

We were immediately inspired when the new rainbow fabric from Ann Kelle’s Wonder Collection for Robert Kaufman arrived. With a little research and of course my enthusiasm for rainbows, I decided to make a wall hanging of a super soft, fluffy cloud with a ribbon rainbow.


We drew a cloud (link to the pattern is below), but we encourage you to try draw your very own. You can’t really get it wrong, that’s one of the best things about clouds, like snowflakes, no two are alike!

Here is the how-to…


What you will need:

2 Fat Quarters (18”x22”)


Coordinating sewing thread and embroidery floss


Embroidery Needle

Flat Ruler


Fabric Marker (we love to recommend the Frixion Pens)


Sewing Machine

Embroidery Hoop

1/2 yard each of ribbon in rainbow colors

1 piece of ric-rac or ribbon 5” long

Step 1:

Draw or download the cloud pattern. Trace the pattern onto the wrong side of both of your fabrics – cut out.


Step 2:

Draw the clouds face with your Fabric Marker. Center your embroidery hoop around one of the eyes and embroider it using a straight stitch or back stitch. Move to the next eye, and eventually the mouth. Once you’re done, use an iron to erase any left over markings.


Step 3:

With right sides together pin around the edge of the cloud leaving the bottom straight edge open. Do not sew here. Take your ric-rac and stick it (loop inside) in the top hump of your cloud.


Step 4:

Sew around the edge of your cloud, leaving the bottom open.


Step 5:

Snip into the seam every few inches around along the edge you have just sewn. This will help the curves lay flat. Be careful not to cut through your seam!


Step 6:

Turn the cloud right side out and poke out your corners. Iron flat. Turn under the bottom seams about 1/4” and press flat. Stuff the cloud.


Step 7:

Line up your ribbons and pin them inside the bottom of the cloud.


Step 8:

Top stitch along the bottom edge of the cloud.


Step 9:

Lay your cloud flat with the ribbons straight. Lay your ruler on an angle across your ribbons and mark where you would like to cut. Using a scissor cut the ribbons along the line. This is your rainbow!


You’re finished! You’ve made an adorable wall hanging! This was one of my favorite projects to date, I must say! It was cute and easy to make – it will make a perfect gift! In fact, for something a bit more personal, try stitching a name on the back of the cloud, or if it is a baby gift, a name and birthday! Or stitch the word “quiet” or “sleeping”…the possibilities are endless! ENJOY!



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