sewing & craft classes

Does your child dream of becoming a fashion designer? Do they want to know more about sewing and crafting or just love fabric? We’ve got a class, camp or lesson that will inform or inspire! Everything we do is focused on creative expression and teaching kids the fundamental skills of sewing.

Our semester long group classes are organized by age and skill level. We offer private and semi-private lessons that can be customized for each student. Special classes include “Boys Only”, The Art of Fashion Design” that teaches how to create mood boards and fashion illustration, a Girlfriend Lesson for 4 to 5 students or a Mother and Child lesson for a particularly fun option!

The P&N Team designs sewing and no-sew projects that are doable for beginning sewers but are challenging enough for those who are more advanced. For more information see our projects page and check out the Student’s creations page.

Getting Creative

Above all, our classes are about imagination and creativity. Students pick out their fabrics right here in the Pins & Needles Boutique. We encourage them to be unique, to find and express their own personal style.

Projects and Skills

In our classes, students make clothes and accessories they can personalize and enjoy wearing in their everyday lives. Some projects can be completed in a single class session or camp day, while others are completed over multiple lessons or days. Students learn how; to read and follow a pattern, sew using a sewing machine and utilize sewing tools. Our ultimate goal is for students to acquire the sewing skills and confidence to continue practicing on their own.

Having Fun!

Another important aspect of our classes and camps is social: Our students meet and bond with other kids who share their interest in sewing and crafting. We encourage our students to help each other and collaborate on projects.

Our Teachers

The P&N Team includes fashion designers and artists who are passionate about sharing their expertise and empowering a new generation of creative stitchers.  Our teaching approach is gentle, patient and nurturing with lots of personal attention: We aim for a student teacher ratio of 3:1.

If you have questions the Pins & Needles’ team is available to help. Materials are always an additional cost unless noted and can be purchased at our boutique.

Pins & Needles Class Info:

  1. There is a minimum of 5 students in all classes and maximum of 8 students depending on the type of class.
  2. Please read over our Registration and Cancellation Policies before registering for any courses.
  3. We require pre-registration for all of our classes. You can register in person, over the phone (212-535-6222) or by e-mail ( Please contact us by e-mail for a registration form.
  4. A registration form must be filled out including payment information to secure your spot. Classes fill up fast and it is a first come first serve.
  5. Classes are taught by a Pins & Needles Senior Teacher or Special Guest Teacher.
  6. We provide the sewing machines for use during class as well as all essential sewing notions except for materials for class project.
  7. First time students must complete a free sewing machine basics clinic before beginning a group class.

Private & Semi-Private Lessons:

Lessons are taught by a Pins & Needles Senior Teacher.

  • Private Lesson – $90 per hour plus materials
  • Semi-Private Lesson – $75 per hour plus materials per person (up to 3 people)
  • Girlfriends Sewing Lesson – 90 minute lesson with a choice of three skill appropriate projects – minimum of 4 students and maximum of 5 students – $90 per person plus materials
  • Mother & Child Lesson – 90 minute lesson with a choice of three skill appropriate projects – $220.00 plus materials (1 additional child is $75)
  • Private Lesson with the Pins & Needles Founder Rachel Low and recent author of the must-have sewing book for girls “A Girl’s Guide to DIY Fashion: 5 Outfits to Design & Sew” – $150 per hour plus materials



Pins & Needles is currently not offering any adult classes but private and semi-private lessons are available. Please contact us to schedule a time via e-mail at or 212-535-6222.

Cost:$90 and up

Dates:Based on teacher and studio availability.

Skill Level:All skill levels are welcome.


Summer Children Sewing & DIY Camps

BELOW IS ALL ABOUT OUR SUMMER PROGRAM AT PINS & NEEDLES, but don’t forget that we offer classes everyday after school and Saturdays and are organized by age (7-13) and skill level and are 75 minutes.


Join us at the Pins & Needles Studio for a summer full of creativity! Our summer camps and 1-day workshops focus on the fundamentals of sewing and creative expression. Elements of the fashion design process are included as well as lots of sewing, DIY, friends and creative fun! There is garment, accessory and room decor sewing as well as fun and fresh fabric craft projects and even some basic fashion illustration. You don’t want to miss this!!

Our signature half day; week long, 2-day and 3-day sessions are organized by skill level and age and the P&N team can help determine the best fit for your child. The program is designed for children ages 7 – 13.

Projects will vary each week and sprinkled throughout the shorter sessions!! 

Students should have some experience on a sewing machine. If experience is needed, first time P&N registered students are invited to join us for a free Sewing Machine Basics Clinic before our camp starts (Dates: Saturday, 6/10 – 1:45 to 2:45pm & Saturday, 7/15 – 12:30 to 1:30pm). Please call us (212-535-6222) to schedule.

New for the busy P&N sewer, we’re offering 1-day Summer Sewing Workshops! Starting Monday, July 31st through August 22nd from 10:00 am to 3:00pm each workshop will offer a different project. Sign up for one or all! Contact us for more details.


Monday, 6/19 – Friday, 6/23

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$640 + Materials

Monday, 6/26 – Friday, 6/30

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$640 + Materials


2-Day Session: Monday, 7/17 & Tuesday, 7/18

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$260 + Materials

3-Day Session: Wednesday, 7/19 – Friday, 7/21

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$395 + Materials

3-Day Session: Monday, 7/24 – Wednesday, 7/26

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$395 + Materials

2-Day Session: Thursday, 7/27 &  Friday, 7/28

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$260 + Materials


Monday, 7/31 – Tuesday, 8/22

10:00AM- 3:00PM

$220 + Materials


3-Day Session: Wednesday, 8/23 – Friday, 8/25

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM   or   1PM- 4PM

$395 + Materials

Week long: Monday, 8/28 – Friday, 9/1

HALF DAY   Two Sessions

9:30AM- 12:30PM

1PM- 4PM

$640 + Materials

* Class material costs are additional. There must be at least five students to run the class/camp. Class times and ages are subject to change. There are no make-ups for missed sessions for camp. Please send completed registration form and waiver to ( or fax (212-535-6224).

** Specific project details will be announced 4 – 7 days before camp starts. We usually plan for at least one garment, one accessory and one fabric craft or summer inspired project is included, but this is based on age, skill level, mix of students and program (full or half day).

*** Students should bring their own nut-free snack for half day sessions and lunch for full day sessions. Please let us know of any food allergies.

Cost:$220 - $640 (Cost of materials NOT included)

Dates:see detailed dates above

Skill Level:some sewing machine experience needed