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One of our favorite ways to beat the heat and the “bad hair” days that come with the HOT days of summer are our signature handmade head wraps – – there are so many ways to make it…

Use your favorite cotton fabric (like we did with Liberty print) or use a colorful knit or bright spandex like Rachel used in her book for the “Rock’N Summer” outfit that has been a definite go-to project this summer!!!

Head Wrap

Here’s how to make your own and check out Rachel’s book for the how-to for the knit version. Make sure to stop by the shop to pick up your copy or order it on Amazon. There are so many fun ways for the creative girl in your life to get stitching and doing a little DIY!



1/4 yard of fabric (great project to get rid of your extra scraps)

Coordinating Thread

4″ of 3/4″ Elastic


Saftey Pin

Sewing Machine



Tape Measure

Step 1:

Measure around your head. Subtract 4″ from this number. For example, if your head measures 22″, take 4 from that and you get 18″. Cut your strips of fabric that length. Cut two strips that measure the original number by 4″. For reference our two strips were 18″x4″.


Step 2:

Cut out a strip of fabric measuring 8”X3” – this is what will be covering your elastic. This dimension is not based on how big or little your head measurement is so it won’t change.

Step 3:

With right sides together pin and sew along the long sides of all three strips. Use a 5/8″ seam allowance and leave the short ends open. Tuck the short raw ends of your longer pieces inside so that they won’t be seen – you may want press them beforehand.


Step 4:

Turn each strip inside out – – a safety pin is an easy way to feed it through. Iron each piece flat with the seam in the back. Feed the elastic through the small encasing.



Step 5:

Lay the two longer pieces flat making an X. You’re crossing the 2 pieces to make your twist in the front of the wrap (see photos).



Step 6:

Pin the fabric covering the elastic to each end of the turban tucking the elastic inside the casing a bit. Sew these two seams and make sure to back stitch a few times.


Your head wrap is all finished!


Here are a few of our favorite head wrap looks of the moment! You can really get creative and make the turban thicker or even mix prints and colors! The fun is getting creative.

turban collageStay cool and chic!

Happy Summer and Stitching!

P.S. We still have spots in our August Mini Summer Sewing & Craft Camps for Children/Teens…see details here

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