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We got really creative when sending out copies of my new book…Girl’s Guide To DIY Fashion: 5 Outfits to Design and Sew – – we made these adorable bookmarks! Everyone loved them so much that we decided it had to be a must-have DIY for the blog.

So…today we share the how-to…

With the school year coming to an end they would make great teacher’s gifts and it is a simple project to work on with the kids – – you can even make it a no-sew using a glue gun!


Assorted Fabric or Denim Scraps

Assorted Felt Scraps (we used a heavier weight glitter felt we ordered here, but regular felt will also work fine or even a heavier denim or canvas)

Coordinating Thread

Embroidery Floss

1/4 Yard of 1/2” – 1” Wide Decorative Elastic

1/2 Yard of 1/2” – 1” Wide Decorative Ribbon


Pinking Shears (optional)


Frixion Pen (Fabric Marking Tool)

Sewing Machine

Hand Sewing and Embroidery Needles

Embroidery Hoop

Glue Gun

Plain copy or drawing paper/Pen

Sample book for measuring (our measurements are for an average sized book)

Step 1:

Create your patterns – – we did a heart so we drew two hearts – one larger about 4″ and then one a bit smaller to fit inside – we drew ours on plain copy paper and cut it out – you can make whatever shape you would like – – later you will see a circle shape.

The size will depend on what size book you are making a book mark for. Ours is about 3” – 4” and fits a pretty standard book size.

Pin, trace and cut out the heart (shape) that will be on the bottom and put aside – this should be out of the heavier fabric, felt or denim.


Step 2:

With your Frixion Pen (Fabric Marking tool) trace the heart (or shape) that will go on top on either the felt, fabric or denim. Decide what you would like it to read – – we did “I LOVE DIY” to go with the theme of the book, but you can do initials or create a happy face like we did in the below samples.



Draw the letters or shapes with the Frixion Pen and using your embroidery floss stitch/embroider the design. Wait to cut the shape out as it will be easier to stitch.

Collage Bookmark Stitching

Tip: You can also use a fabric marker to write it instead. Whatever you prefer.

Step 3:

Measure around your book – take 5 from that number – cut your ribbon to measure the number calculated. Cut 5” of your elastic.

Bookmark DIY Collage 2
For example: Our book measures 17” so we cut our ribbon to measure 12” and our elastic 5”.

With right sides together, sew your elastic and ribbon together to make a continuous loop – use a 1/2″ seam allowance.

Now wrap this around your book with the elastic inside and the ribbon showing. Pin where you would like your bottom heart (or shape you have designed). Sew your heart to the ribbon down the center back – – you can also just use your glue gun.



Step 4:

Glue your second smaller heart (or shape) in the center – make sure you have already stitched your design. We cut ours out using pinking shears to give it a nice edge.


You are all set – – book mark ready!

This is such a simple and quick project you could make a hole bunch in no time.

Happy Stitching!

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