On the 2nd day of crafting . . . .

Looking for a quick and easy stocking stuffer? We recommend making these super cute lavender sachets. If you are looking for something to do with your scraps, this is it!  You can use these soft scented bundles to help dry your laundry, or just simply place it in your dresser for a fresh scent. 

You can easily make a bundle of these in less than an hour. Here’s how:


2 5×5 inch squares of contrasting scrap fabric

*We recommend cotton sateen or voile. It has a softer touch to it, but quilting cotton will do just fine

1 Cup of dried lavender

Pinking Shears(optional)

1) Take two contrasting pieces of scraps and cut them down to 5×5 squares.

2) Pin the two squares wrong sides together on three sides. Leave one side open to stuff the lavender into.  Sew the three pins sides together, and leave one side open


3) Take about a cup of lavender and fill your sachet with it. Pin the open seam closed.

4) Sew the open seam shut and then take pinking shears and cut around the border of your sachet. Make sure you don’t cut your seam!

And there you go! Now your house will be filled with the smell of pine and lavender!

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