let’s make a summer hat…

Bucket Hat Collage 2

We are heading into the official start of our P&N Summer Sewing and Craft Camp and we are particularly excited about the fun bucket hats we will be making with all of our “campers”!!!

Bucket Hat Collage 4

Not only are they reversible, but students will have an option to do either an extra long brim or shorter one…which would you choose.

Follow us on Instagram to see what the fabric combinations the students come up with…@pinsandneedlesny.

Another ‘handmade hat” idea is adding some pom pom or ribbon to a straw hat using a glue gun…


OR follow the steps below to making these chic fedoras that not only will get you beach ready but are the perfect finishing touch to any summer outfit!

Fedora Collage
Here is how to make one of your own.

Fedora DIY


Plain Fedora – if you buy one that has a band around it you can just take that off

Fabric Scrap – piece should measure at least 27″X4″

Sewing Machine

Coordinating Thread

Basic Sewing Supplies


Hot Glue Gun

Step 1:

If your fedora has any decorative band or ribbon on it remove it carefully – – most are stitched on so you can use a seam ripper.

Step 2:

Cut your fabric into a long strip measuring 4″X27″. To make sure your strip is just right – wrap it around before you sew so you can cut it to size. With the wrong side facing press the two short ends in a 1/2”. Fold in one of the long sides to the center and press. Fold and press the other side so that the edges match.


Step 3:

Top stitch around creating a nice flat strip.


Step 4:

Start at the back of the hat and glue down the strip along the top of the brim  – – continue to glue the strip around until you get to where you started. Try not leave any gaps so that the strip lays nicely around the hat.



Step 5:

If you have extra fabric fold it under and glue it over the other end of the strip – you can also cut it down and re-fold it.


You are all finished and have your very own personalized and stylish fedora for summer!

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