Lauren’s DIY fabric bead necklace

Fabric Bead Necklace

Hi, it’s Lauren, and I’m back with my first DIY of 2014…a fun, chic, and simple DIY necklace!

Have you ever wished that Liberty of London made jewelry? Me too!!

Well, you know me and how I love to accessorize…recently I have been really inspired and drawn to all of the chunky statement necklaces that are so fashionable right now in stores like Anthropologie and J. Crew. Whenever I see something made out of fabric I immediately think, “Can I make that myself?” In this case, the answer was ‘YES!’

Not only is making things I see in-store a great money saver, I know whatever I make is one of a kind and no-one else will have! Plus, it’s an easy way to use my extra fabric scraps and if you are a fabric lover like me I am sure you know how those scraps can start to pile up!

I used Liberty of London, but any of your favorite fabrics would work  – mix and match prints and make a few necklaces to wear together for the layered look!

Here is how to make your very own…



One long scrap of fabric approximately 1 1/2 yards x 3 1/2”

8 – 10 round wood beads – mixed sizes


Sewing Machine

Tape Measure

Scissors or Pinking sheers

Sewing Needle

Safety Pin


Step 1:

Cut your fabric scrap to measure 1 1/2 yards X 3 1/2″ wide. With right sides together, pin and sew the long side, leaving the two short sides open. Sew close to the edge.

Fabric Bead Necklace

Step 2:

Your fabric should look like a thin tube – turn it right side out – pinning a safety pin to one of the open ends will make it easier to feed through.


Step 3:

Thread a sewing needle and string the beads in the order you want them. Feed this entire string through the tube. Center the beads so your excess fabric is even on both sides of the beads.


Step 4:

Tie and double knot one end next to the beads. Using your thread tie off in between each bead – make sure the fabric is wrapped tightly around the bead. I suggest triple knotting the strings and cutting any excess.



Step 5:

After you tie off your last bead double knot the fabric at the end of your last bead like you did in the beginning. You should have long pieces on either end. Using scissors or pinking sheers, cut the leftover fabric into 3 long strips – do it on both sides. If you want a frayed look like mine, use regular scissors to snip, then rip. Use pinking sheers if you’d like to avoid fray.


Step 6:

Braid the three strands on each side almost to the ends and then double knot them. Again, I left mine hanging and frayed – I like how that looks, but you could also trim these if you’d like.


With the dimensions given you should be able to tie the necklace together and slip it on over your head.  You’re done! You’ve made a beautiful, unique necklace that everyone will love! In fact, I can’t wait to break into my stash of scraps and whip these up for my friends and family. They were so fun and simple to make – I think they are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea!




xoxo lauren





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