getting ready for halloween…sugar skull garland diy

When we think of October we think HALLOWEEN…a favorite holiday at P&N!!!

As we always say one of the best parts about celebrating the holidays is being able to get creative and make things from the decor, the costumes and more! We love these “Sugar Skull Garlands” we designed from last Halloween and of course have pulled them out once again to add to our “spooky” boutique decor!

All you need is some felt, basic sewing supplies, glitter paint and a little imagination!

Learn to make your own here…


DSC_0271 1


White felt – at least 12” length of 38” wide

Black Felt – at least 20” in length and 38” wide felt

Fabric Glue

Frixion Pen or Sharpie


Pinking Shears

Felt scraps

Glitter Paint (we used Martha Stewart’s Glitter Paint)

Embroidery Floss

Embroidery/Sewing Needle

Skull pattern – download here

Step 1:

Download the skull pattern and cut out.


Step 2:

Prepare your felt – – cut 2 strips of the white felt measuring ¾” wide and 38” long. Use the remainder to trace the skulls on. Cut 2 strips of the black felt measuring 1.5” wide and 38″ long – trim the edges with the pinking shears. Also cut 9 small strips of felt measuring 1/2” wide by 4” long. The remainder will be used to cut your skulls out.

Step 3: 

Trace around the pattern piece using the sharpie (or Frixion Pen) – invert the skull every other one to fit 9 skulls on the felt. Don’t worry about having to be neat because you will be gluing the white skulls to the black backs and will not see the pen marks.


Step 4:

Use the regular scissors to cut out the outer shape of the skulls. Fold the skulls in half to cut out the eyes, nose and teeth. You can use pins to keep the skull evenly folded.

To cut out the actual teeth shapes I unfolded the skull and snipped little wedges to form the separations between the teeth. I also snipped the sharp corners off the ends of the teeth to make them look more rounded.


Step 5:

Pin the pattern piece to the black felt and cut out 9 skulls. Use your pinking shears and leave ¼” beyond the pattern. Put aside.


 Step 6:

Paint unmarked sides of white skulls with the glitter paint. Let dry.


Step 7:

If you plan on embroidering the flowers like I did in my sample do that now otherwise glue the white skulls to the black backs.


Step 8:

Now get creative and decorate with the felt scraps. Cut out all different shapes and glue them onto the skulls.


Step 9:

Glue the thin white band to the black band. Secure the 2 bands together in the center – I suggest gluing and then stitching them.


Step 10:

Attach the smaller strips to the top center back of each skull and then to the back of the black band – do your best to lay them out with an even amount of space between each.


Step 11:

Hang up your new garland and enjoy with all your treats!!!!


Happy Halloween!!

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