getting creative with candy wrappers…

Dress Form 10.13

Now I am sure you will all agree that the candy is one of the best parts of Halloween – – we know it is for the team at P&N!! We have already started to build our candy collection and not only for all our tick-or-treaters but for the fun crafty projects we are working on using the “candy wrapper” – yes the wrappers!

Last year we made these fun “Trick-or-Treat Bags”…and these are not just simple bags, but ones that are covered with real candy wrappers – – wrappers of some our favorite candy!

Trick or Treat Bag with Candy



Learn to make your own here.

And…this year we have added another project using wrappers…we have invited our students to come and design their very own outfit for a mini dress form all made out of candy wrappers – it’s going to be a fashionable Halloween at P&N – we are calling it the Make Your Own Fashion Candy Couture Dress Form Workshop. We even have taken the creativity one step further and used real candy as fun embellishments…make sure to follow us on Instagram to see what the students create.

Dress Form 4

Happy Halloween!!

p.s. the workshop was so popular we will be adding another date in November…look out for the announcement

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