easter egg place card holders…


Hi it’s Lauren. I just wanted to share a creative way to spice up your Easter dinner or brunch table…

Using some felt, scrap fabrics, and ribbon or ric-rac, you can create an adorable personal touch for the guests that they can take with when they go.

These little Easter egg place card holders are the perfect way to brighten things up and super easy to make!


I drew an outline for the eggs free hand, but have turned it into a pattern that you can download.  Simply cut and trace the pattern to your felt and fabric. For the fabric, I used pinking shears for a decorative edge and cut the fabric a bit small than the felt.


You can sew the ribbon or ric-rac to the front of your egg flap, or you can also use a hot glue gun. Sew around the edges, and you’re finished.

Print the guests names on pretty paper or if you’re feeling extra fancy, try out some hand written fonts.


I made each egg using different fabrics and colors that I felt reflected Easter & Spring. But if you want you can also develop a color scheme for your party. The possibilities are endless and you really can not go wrong!

Encourage your guests to take home their favors and reuse them.  They can add them to their children’s Easter baskets -they are perfect for holding little notes left by the Easter Bunny!


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