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new fabrics…

The New Year brings many things: new classes, new projects, new inspirations, new trends and most exciting – NEW FABRICS!! What would any of those be without them? We have been getting in all kinds of sewing and crafting goodies for 2014 and we wanted to share some of the fabrics that are topping our […]

Lauren’s DIY Pumpkin Bag

Over 30 years ago my grandmother made me my very own fancy Trick or Treat bag. Through the years my Halloween costumes would change but one thing remained the same – my pumpkin bag! I was the envy of every witch around!  Till this day, October is still my favorite month, and Halloween, my favorite […]

are you a good witch or a bad witch…

I can remember when I was a kid having a doll that was both Little Red Riding Hood & The Big Bad Wolf!  The memory didn’t really come back until I was reading through one of our favorite crafting magazines, Mollie Makes Issue 29 (which is available at the shop & also online!) and I came across a wonderful story on […]

amy butler’s newest PDF pattern

Since before I opened the shop I have been a HUGE fan of Amy Butler – she has such an incredible design sensibility and aesthetic and everything you see that comes from her brand you want to wear, have and of course make! So it was no surprise that I was inspired when I recently saw […]

sarai mitnick from colette patterns visits pins & needles

Many of you have probably heard us rave about Colette Patterns and today we are back to rave about them again, but also share our excitement about a recent visitor we had at the shop – the maker behind Colette Patterns, Sarai Mitnick! Sarai was visiting the Big Apple for some workshops she was hosting […]

In Your Stylish Craft Kit: Christine Haynes

  Today we’re excited to introduce a new feature on our blog called “In Your Stylish Craft Kit“, where we take a peek inside the bag of tricks of some of our favorite crafters, sewers, pattern makers, D.I.Yers’ and others living a creative life to discover some of their favorites tools, materials, supplies as well […]

Colette Ginger Skirt

Starting on September 27, Pins & Needles will once again be offering our skirt class, but we changed the structure of the class up a bit this season and instead of offering three different patterns for our students to choose from we have decided to keep it simple and just offer one. This way we […]

Lunch Bag Tutorial

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for the kids to head back to school! And with that comes school supply shopping and crafting, yes, crafting. In taking a look at the lunch bags (for both kids and adults) we didn’t really see anything that inspired us to bring our lunch day in and […]

A Baby Shower and a Tutorial

We had a fabulous time at my baby shower this past weekend! I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family members and I am especially lucky to have such a wonderful friend, Rachel, who hosted this beautiful event here at the shop. We wanted to share some photos with you of […]

New SkipStone Patterns

We recently got the cutest new patterns in the shop from SkipStone.  For those of you who haven’t heard of this company, it is A-DOR-ABLE! Their tag line is cut & sew happy, which is the perfect description for just what you get from these patterns. There are two kinds of patterns, some that are […]