get stitching for Easter…


Looking for a creative way to get stitching for the holidays…of course as it is with all of the holidays there are endless ways to do so…from sweet gifts, decor or just expressions of the particular holiday. Our animal pillows have become a signature at P&N and one of the favorites is the bunny! With Easter around the corner what better time to learn to whip one up for yourself, an Easter basket you are putting together or just as something special to share with the little one in your life!

Here is how to make your own…we also share the steps to making the pig as well…

Pig Pillow Materials



1/3 Yard of fabric

Coordinating Thread

Ultra Hold Heat N Bond (Fabric Adhesive)

Small scrap of fabric and felt for ears and eyes



Frixion Pen


Sewing Machine

Embroidery Floss and Needle for nose and mouth

Bunny Pattern Features Stencil

PolyFil (Stuffing)

Pellon Fusible Fleece

Cardboard (File Folder or Mailing Envelope)

Yarn for the tail

Use a 1/2” Seam Allowance


1/3 Yard of fabric

Coordinating Thread

Ultra Hold Heat N Bond (Fabric Adhesive)

Assorted felt scraps for ears, nose and eyes



Frixion Pen


Sewing Machine

Pig Pattern Feature Stencils

PolyFil (Stuffing)

Pipe Cleaner

Bunny How-To:

Step 1:

Download and print your bunny feature stencils including the ears. Cut out. Iron your Heat N Bond onto the felt scrap you have chosen for the eyes. Pin, trace and cut out your eye stencil in the felt and put aside.

Step 2:

Trace your bunny ear stencil onto some cardboard (we recommend using an old file folder or mailing envelope) and cut out. Trace your bunny ear stencil onto the fusible fleece (or batting), fabric and felt.

Bunny Ears Cardboard

Bunny Ears 2

Glue your fusible fleece (batting) to your cardboard.

Bunny Ears Glued

Match the cardboard and fusible fleece with the felt and fabric you have chosen – – you might want to trim the inside fabric down a bit so it fits inside like we did. Pin together and sew along the edge using a zig zag stitch and making sure to catch the fabric for inside of the ear.

Bunny Ears

Step 3:

Cut out two rectangles of the fabric you have chosen for the bunny body measuring 11”X9”.

Two Bunny Rectangles

Step 4:

Lay out the eyes onto the front rectangle iron in place (follow your fabric adhesive directions). Draw your nose and mouth and you can either use a fabric marker or hand stitch using some embroidery floss and a needle.

Bunny Features 2

Step 5:

Pin and sew the two ears along the top edge of the back piece – use a 1/4” seam allowance and make sure the ear points are facing towards the center of the fabric – this is a bit thick so be careful.

Step 6:

Let’s make the tail – make a small pom pom using a pom pom maker or make your own maker by cutting a small cardboard rectangle and wrapping the yarn around until it is almost all covered – – pull out the cardboard and tie at the center tightly. Cut through the loop and trim to make your pom pom round. Stitch onto the back either using an extra pice of yarn or sewing thread.

Bunny Tail

Step 7:

With right sides facing pin and sew the two rectangles together along the edge. Make sure to mark a 2” – 3” line where you will not sew. This is where you will turn your “bunny” right side out and stuff it.

Bunny pinned

Press your seams, cut your corners and turn right side out and stuff. Hand stitch the hole closed.

IMG_4798 IMG_4798

Pig How-To

Step 1:

Download and print your pig feature stencils. Cut out. Iron your Heat N Bond onto the felt scraps except for the felt you have chosen for your ears. Pin, trace and cut out your stencils in the felt and put aside.

Pig Features1

Pig Features

Step 2:

Cut out two rectangles measuring 11”X9”.

Pig Rectangle

Step 3:

Lay out the pig nose and eyes onto the front rectangle – you can iron the pig nose nostrils onto the nose beforehand – – iron in place (follow your fabric adhesive directions). Stitch around to secure the features in place – – we used a zig zag stitch.

Pig Features Collage

Step 4:

Pin and sew the two ears along the top edge of the back piece – use a 1/4” seam allowance and make sure the ear points are facing towards the center of the fabric.

Pig Ears 2

Step 5:

With right sides facing pin and sew the two rectangles together along the edge. Make sure to mark a 2” – 3” line where you will not sew. This is where you will turn your “piggy” right side out and stuff it.

Pig pinned around

Press your seams, cut your corners and turn right side out and stuff. Hand stitch the hole closed.

pig complete

Hole Closed

Step 6:

Let’s make the tail – using scrap of your fabric cut a long rectangle measuring 3.5” X6”. Fold in half with right sides matching and sew along three sides. Press your seams open and turn right side out – – attach a safety pin to the open end to help turn the tube right side out. Gently stick your pipe cleaner inside the tube and sew the other end closed.

Twist the pipe cleaner and the fabric will also begin to twist – to create the look of a pig tail. Hand sew to the back of your piggy.

Collage for Pigs Tail


Your piggy and bunny are all finished, tails and all…

Tail Collage

tooth fairy pillow d.i.y…

Tooth Fairy Pillow Shot 2

When I was little, my mom made me a special pillow to leave for the tooth fairy…I wish I had a photo, but I can remember it was a purple fabric heart with eyelet trim and a small little pocket in the back for my tooth! It meant a lot to me – – it was very exciting to go to sleep and wake up with something special in the pocket!

Many of our younger students have come in and shared with us that they were losing teeth and since they were proud and excited to be new “sewists” they wanted to make their very own “Tooth Fairy Pillow“.

We put a playful P&N spin on it and made the pillow shaped as a tooth and added a face – we created a boy and girl version.

Our students got really creative with how they decorated their “tooth” and so can you – – learn to make your own following the steps below…


1/4 yard of cotton fabric or Fat Quarter

1 scrap of fabric or felt at least 6″X6″

Coordinating Thread

Glue Stick

Embroidery Floss

Hand Sewing Needle



Frixion Pen


Sewing Machine


Tooth Pillow and Features Pattern – download here – Part 1 and Part 2

* Use a 1/2” Seam Allowance

Tooth Fairy Pillow Materials

Step 1:

Download, print and cut out your P&N Tooth Pattern. There is a tooth shaped pattern for the outside and the smaller square will be for the pocket. Cut out the features you decide to use. Another option is to design your own.

Step 2:

Pin, trace and cut out two of the tooth shapes of your main fabric and then follow the same steps for your pocket.

Pin and Trace Tooth Fairy Pillow

Teeth Cut Out

Pin & Trace Toothfairy Pillow Pocket

Follow the same steps for the fun features you chose.

Eyes & Lips

Step 3:

Prepare the pocket – iron down one of the long sides 1/2″ and stitch.

Prepare Tooth Fairy Pcoket

Place the pocket in the center of the back fabric. Pin and stitch in place.

Pin and Sew Pocket

Step 4:

Prepare the tooth faces:

For the boy…iron (if you used the Heat N Bond) or glue on the eyes.

Tooth Pillow Features

To make your bow-tie or hair-bow: pinch your felt square at the center and hand tack in place. Glue or stitch the bow-tie or hair-bow in place.

Square for Bow

Stitch Bow Tie

Stitch Bow Tie On

For the girl…place your eyes and mouth in pace and glue or stitch down. Draw in eye lashes and either use a Sharpie or hand stitch with embroidery floss (we suggest the backstitch or stem stitch). 

Eyes & lips on front


Step 5:

With right sides together, sew along the outer edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance. Make sure to leave a no-sew zone at the top where you will stuff your tooth.

Pin right sides together

Leave opening

Stuff and hand stitch the hole closed.

Fill with stuffing

Your finished – – now the question is what will the Tooth Fairy put in the pocket?


This is also a great project idea for a sewing birthday party! Contact us to learn more about the unique and special birthday celebrations we host at Pins & Needles!!!

what’s better than BOWS…


We have been getting a lot of requests for creative materials and projects with bows…fabric with bows on it, adding bows to projects, pretty ribbon to tie bows and more. We know “BOWS” are trendy in fashion, but they are also a favorite at Pins & Needles!IMG_4543

Since bows seem to be top of mind among the P&N community we thought it was perfect timing to bring back a popular DIY from last year – – our signature Pins & Needles Bow Clutch!


The bow sits across the front and not only is it a decorative touch it acts as an easy way to carry a bag without a handle!


Learn to make your own in a few simples steps we share here…IMG_4543


1/4 Yard of two different fabrics – one for the outside and one for the lining and bow
* You can also use faux leather or suede or for you experienced sewers out there why not try a pretty satin
1/2 Yard of lightweight interfacing (we like Pellon Shape-Flex)
Coordinating Thread
12 – 14” Zipper (we used an invisible for one and a regular for the other)
Frixion Pen
Sewing Machine
Bow Clutch Pattern – download here – Part 1 and Part 2

* Use a 1/2” Seam Allowance

Bow Clutch

Step 1:

Download and print your P&N Bow Clutch Pattern here. Cut out. The main rectangle pattern will be used for the outside, lining and main part of the bow. The smaller pattern is for the cinched part of the bow.

Step 2:

Pin, trace and cut out three of the main pattern rectangles in the fabric chosen for the lining. Do the same for your outside fabric but only cut two pieces.



Step 3:

Iron on the interfacing to the lining fabric, bow and smaller rectangle. If you want your bag to be more sturdy you can use interfacing on the outside fabric as well.

Step 4:

Fold and press down 1/2” the two long sides of one of your rectangles cut for the lining – this will be the main part of the bow. DSC_0590

Step 5:

With right sides together sew along the edge smaller rectangle leaving a 1″ – 2″ hole. Press seams and turn right side out – press flat. Cut corners.



Step 6:

Lay the smaller rectangle for the bow flat and the main part of the bow on top with wrong side facing up. Fold them in half and stitch short side of smaller piece. Iron seam flat.

Sewing Bow Collage

Step 7:

Pin and sew the “bow” to the right side of the outside fabric along the long sides. Pin approximately 2″ down from the top edge.

Pinning Bow Collage

Step 8:

Sew the bow to the front of the clutch about 3″ in from the long edge – –  you can either machine or hand sew. This will create the space for your hand.


Step 9:

Lay the outside fabric that you have just sewn your bow to facing up. Open up your zipper and lay it facing down on the top edge of the fabric – put one or two pins to keep it in place – it should be 1/4” down from the top. Lay one piece of your lining fabric on top of the zipper and pin in place – – you are sandwiching the zipper between the two pieces.



Using your zipper foot on your machine – – sew through the three layers.

Repeat the same steps to stitch in the other side of the zipper.

Step 9:

Lay the pieces out flat with the zipper in the center. Make sure that you leave the zipper open a bit. Match both the outside fabric and lining with right sides together and pin around. Mark a 2” – 3” opening at the bottom of the lining – you will not stitch here and this is where you will turn your clutch right side out once you are done sewing it all together.

Press all our seams open and clip your corners.

Step 10:

Sew the opening on the lining closed.

You are all finished…day or night this Bow Clutch is a fabulous finishing touch to any outfit!

With Spring around the corner choose a pretty floral or pastel geometric fabric for yours!!

valentine’s day inspiration…


It is February so LOVE IS IN THE AIR at Pins & Needles…the team has been busy stitching and crafting away getting ready for Valentine’s Day!

Hearts & Crafts WorkshopLike many of you, we just LOVE to get creative for this sweet holiday – from handmade cards to gifts, decorations and more. Here are some of our favorites from past and present.

Many are the unique “creations” from our amazing and talented P&N students…

Lot’s of handmade cards using all different materials…

Valentine's Day Hearts & Crafts Workshop Table

Card Collage 2

From felt lips and XOXOs, fun holiday inspired papers, fabric scraps, markers, glitter and more…

Valentine's Day 1


Sweet HEART fabric jewelry…


A big hit from last year was our life size Valentine’s Day inspired Tic-Tac-Toe Board – – who wins HUGS or KISSES!

Tic tac Toe Board1

Close up of the Tic Tac Toe Board

Here are Rachel’s nieces, Skylar and Morgan playing…

Skylar and Morgan on Tic Tac Toe Board

Felt Fortune Cookies…an adorable alternative to a traditional card…


Button Rings out of playful heart fabrics…

Button Rings

A “Keep Your Heart In My Pocket Pillow” – see how to make your own here


And a “Patchwork Heart Pillow” – the steps are here


And “His & Her” Sleeping Eye Masks…


Make sure to share all your Valentine’s Day creations on our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram (@pinsandneedlesny) to see lots more inspiration and creativity.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bring-A-Friend Sewing Saturday!

Teach A Friend To Sew

It’s more fun to sew with your friends!

We have been so lucky at Pins & Needles to have such a growing and excited community of kids that want to learn to sew! To encourage more sewing and creativity we are hosting a special event inviting our P&N Stitchers to share the special sewing experience they have at P&N with their favorite FRIEND!!!

On Saturday, January 20th for our first ever Bring-A-Friend Open House existing P&N Stitchers are invited to bring along their favorite pal to learn to sew. A complimentary intro to sewing session will be offered between 2:00pm – 5:30pm (exact times listed below). Everyone who signs up will get a chance to make his or her own unique mini pillow as well as an exclusive DIY project!!

New sewers and their parents will have a chance to explore the studio, see sample class projects and learn more about our program. ONE FRIEND per existing P&N student. Prospective P&N students also welcome.

Please RSVP by 1/28 to reserve a spot for of the following sessions – space is limited:

2:00pm – 3:00pm

3:10pm – 4:10pm

4:20pm – 5:30pm

*No experience necessary. For ages 7 and up. 

Call 212-535-6222 or e-mail

We hope you will join us and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram @pinsandneedlesny for the latest creative inspiration, D.I.Ys, class announcements and boutique new arrivals.



Happy Holidays!!

Holiday Card Version 3_edited-1







Holiday Hours:
Thursday, 12/24 – Closed
Friday, 12/25 – Closed
Saturday, 12/26 – Closed
Thursday, 12/31 – Closed
Friday, 1/1 – Closed

are you ready for the holidays…stocking diy…


Is your tree decorated, gifts wrapped, wreath up, holiday gifts bought (or how we like it MADE), lights sparkling, cookies baked…there is always so much preparation that goes into getting ready for the holidays.

The P&N team likes to keep things FUN and of course CREATIVE so we love to inspire and share with our community some of our favorite ways to include “creating” and “stitching” in getting ready for the holiday season!

Today we are sharing a holiday essential and favoraite for many – – Christmas stockings!

Christmas stockings represent so much of the tradition of the holidays – – they are often passed down from generation to generation. Why not start this tradition for your family with a stocking you have made by hand.

Here are the steps to making your very own…personalize it like we did by adding the initials or full name of who the stocking will be filled for – it can be appliquéd with felt or hand stitched with some embroidery floss. Of course ours belongs to Molly!!



Assorted fabric scraps

1/3 yard of fabric for back and binding

1/2 yard of Muslin (cut into a rectangle measuring 14”x 22”)

Cotton Batting – measuring 14”x 22”


Flat Ruler


Sewing machine


Stocking pattern -needs to be assembled; section 1section 2section 3

Heat N Bond (if you decide to appliqué a name or design onto the front of your stocking)

Optional: Bias Tape if you decide not to make your own

DSC_0299 (500x331)

Step 1:

Collect all your scraps and cut them into various shapes – small to medium sizes. Put aside.

Pin the piece of cotton batting and muslin together around the edges.

DSC_0300 (500x331)

Step 2:

Begin at the top of your muslin/batting piece and pin and sew your first scrap of material with the right side facing. With your second piece of material match right sides together and pin and sew along that edge. Press all seams open and also on top.

DSC_0301 (500x331)

Step 3:

Continue to lay out your scraps matching the edges and with right sides together – keep the patchwork look by laying them out randomly. Sew and press all seams and edges. Continue until the whole rectangle is covered. Depending on how the scraps are sewn on some edges might have to be turned under and top stitched. Trim off all extra threads from front and back.

Optional: If you want to decorate using ribbon or felt now is a the time to do it. We cut out Molly’s name out of felt and attached it using the Heat N Bond.

DSC_0302 (500x331)

DSC_0303 (500x331)

DSC_0304 (500x331)

Step 4:

To create the backing, cut 22” off the 1/3 yard piece of material you have chosen for the stocking back. Put aside. With the remaining piece, cut 1 ½” strips on the bias (on the diagonal).

DSC_0313 (500x331)

Step 5:

Stitch the cut strips together at the short ends to create one long strip by matching the short ends right sides together – one strip should be horizontal and the other strip matched at the end vertically. Using a ruler draw a 45’ angle from one corner to the other. Pin and sew.

Trim the excess fabric off and iron the seam open. Repeat until you have enough bias tape to go all the way around the stocking, around the top and the hanging loop.

Fold lengthwise and press. To create the bias tape, fold each edge lengthwise into the middle crease and iron again.

DSC_0314 (500x331)

Step  6:

Download and print out the stocking patter. Pin the pattern onto the rectangle of patchwork you just stitched. you have just, trace and cut out.

Follow the sames steps for the backing.

DSC_0309 (500x335)

Step 7:

Pin the front of the stocking to the back wrong sides together.

DSC_0315 (500x331)

Step 8:

Starting at the top, pin the bias tape to the back side of the stocking – right sides together – leave the top open. Pin along the edge easing it through the curves. Sew in place.

Press the bias tape towards the front of the stocking.

DSC_0316 (500x331)

Step 9:

Using the outer crease of the bias tape as your guide, turn under the bias tape on the front of the stocking and pin. Topstitch using a 1/8” seam allowance. Press.

DSC_0317 (500x331)

DSC_0318 (500x331)

DSC_0319 (500x331)

Step 10:

Start in the back of the stocking, pin the bias tape along the top inside of your stocking right sides together. Where the ends meet: pin, sew, trim, iron.

DSC_0320 (500x331)

Tip: Fold in the edge closest to the back of the stocking, pin it. Place the other end on top then pin. When the whole thing gets sewn and ironed under it will have a finished edge.

Sew the bias tape onto the top of the stocking using the crease of the bias tape as your guide – the same way you sewed on the bias tape around the stocking. Press, turn under the edge, pin then sew using 1/8” seam allowance. Press.

DSC_0322 (500x331)

Step 11:

Take 6” of the bias tape and sew the ends right sides together to create a loop. Fold under and topstitch with a 1/8” seam allowance.

DSC_0323 (500x331)

DSC_0325 (500x331)

Pin into the outer edge of the stocking and sew in place to secure.

DSC_0326 (500x331)

Step 12:

Filly it with lots of little treasures!


Happy Stitching & Holidays!

holiday garland DIY…


One of the big hits during the holidays last year were the holiday garlands we created and covered the studio with!

So of course we had to bring them out again this season. They are simple and fun to make and also make great gifts – all you need is some felt and some basic stitching supplies.

Learn to make your own here…


Assorted Bright Colored Felt

Frixion Pen (fabric marking tool)



Gold or Silver Embroidery Floss (pretty twine would work also)

Holiday Shape Stencil Page 1 and Page 2


Step 1:

Download and print out pattern sheet. Cut out each shape.

Using the Frixion Pen trace onto felt (each shape can be a different color and or you can mix it all up). Cut out.



Step 2:

Lay out your shapes in the order you would like. This is where you can get creative – – your garland can include one of each shape or make multiples like we did!

Step 3:

Thread the shapes onto your embroidery floss using your needle.




Hang your creations on the walls, your tree or give as a gift…we have kits for sale at the shop which would make great stocking stuffers!

Happy Stitching and Holidays!

p&n advent calendar diy…


Holiday planning, shopping, decorating, crafting and more is in full swing!

One of the best parts of the holidays and often the moments that we remember most are not only the days of Christmas or Chanukah, it’s all the preparation leading up to them.

This time of year always reminds of our personal memories of the days leading up to the holidays and the P&N team has been reminiscing about ours…some of us have memories of handmade advent calendars, some trimming the tree with heirloom ornaments, some decorating, some making cookies for Santa and some hand-making their cards and gifts for that special someone.

Together, we wanted to mark the days leading up to this holiday season together with our very own handmade Advent Calendar.

Not only is the fun in making it, it is unveiling the “magical gift” each day.

Today we show you how to make your very own:



Assorted colored felt for squares (should measure at least 6”X6”)

2 – 3 sheets of white felt measuring 12”X18”

Asorted fabric scraps (should measure at least 5”X5”)

1/2 yard of Heat N Bond (Fabric Adhesive)

Fabric Glue

Pattern for Numbers – download here and here (you can also draw your own)


Frixion Pen (Fabric Marking Pen)



Sewing Machine


Step 1:

Iron Heat N Bond onto the white felt for the numbers.

Download and print the pattern for the numbers .

Number Stencils

Trace onto the white felt – on the side you ironed the Heat N Bond to. Cut out and put aside.

PicMonkey Collage

Step 2:

Cut out your felt squares to measure 4″X4″ – you can create a pattern using a heavy weight paper to trace. You should have 25 squares – mix the colors.

Felt Squares

Step 3:

Cut out the squares in your scrap fabric (we used some leftover scraps of Liberty Tana Lawn) – these squares should measure 3.5”X3.5” – give them a nice finish using pinking shears.

Option: Iron on some Heat N Bond to back of your scraps before cutting – – this will allow you to secure them onto the felt instead of using glue.

Cutting out Sqaures

Step 4:

Layer one of your squares cut out of the scrap fabric onto each peice of your felt – – either use glue or if you have attached the Heat N Bond then iron them on. Stitch the squares on in a complementary color as an added touch.

Squares with liberty on them

Step 5:

Iron on one number to each square. Follow the directions of the Heat N Bond.

Numbers glued to square

Optional: Double secure the number by stitching them in place – – opt for a bright thread and use a zig zag stitch to give a decorative feel.

Step 5:

Hang your squares on a blank wall – tape three sides leaving the top open to create a pocket for the gifts. You can also attach the squares to a larger piece of felt or fabric that can be attached to a wall, door or window. Sew the squares on three sides to create a pocket for each days gifts.

Keep it in a sqaure format or lay the numbers out to create a shape of a Christmas Tree like we did – we hung them onto colorful cord using mini clothes pins – we created the shape of a Christmas Tree using some wooden dowels that we attached at the top.


Cut out a star in glitter paper or make one out of felt to put on the top.


Stuff your pockets with each day’s surprise!

p.s. take it one step further and stitch up a few of gifts for each day…

let’s create and celebrate!

Save The Date for Newsletter_edited-1

Come join the Pins & Needles team to celebrate the holidays! We are hosting our 2nd Annual Creative  Holiday DIY Event on Saturday, December 5th. It’s an afternoon of stitching and crafting! Stop by the studio anytime between 2:30pm – 5:30pm to make handmade ornaments, cards, wrapping paper and more! There will be sweet treats and lots of creative fun. The event is for ages 6 and up.

Make sure to RSVP – e-mail the P&N team at or call 212-535-6222.

Here is a sneak peak at a few of the projects we will doing for the “crafternoon”…

Sweet Treat Ornaments…


Mini Scrap Wreaths…


DIY Holiday Cards…




Mini Pom-Pom Ornaments…


Here is to a Happy & Creative Holiday!!!