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Mother's Day Book Cover

With Mother’s Day around the corner it’s time to start thinking about what the best way to tell your “MOM” I love you – we think you will agree that the best gifts are always those that are handmade especially for MOM!!

A simple and quick gift using a little felt, glue, thread and a bit of imagination create a personalized book cover that any MOM will surely LOVE!

Mother's Day Book Cover 1

Here is the how-to…



Felt – 2 different color sheets measuring 18”X12”
Felt or fabric scraps at least 4”X4”
Embroidery Floss or Yarn
Large Eye Needle
Frixion Pen (Fabric Marking Tool)
Leather Hole Puncher
Heat N Bond (Glue Gun)
Fabric Markers
Appliqué and Inside Flap Patterns

Step 1:

Download and print your appliqué pattern and inside flap pattern – we have sized ours based on a standard book measuring approximately 11”x8”. Cut out. Iron your Heat N Bond onto the felt scraps except for the felt you have chosen for your inside flap. Pin, trace and cut out your stencils in the felt and put aside.

You can get creative and design your own appliqués for the book cover – create your stencils on regular white paper and follow the same instructions as above.

Step 2:

Cut a rectangle of your main felt to measure 14”X10”. Cut out your flap pattern and pin, trace and cut it out of your felt.


Step 3:

Match your two thinner felt rectangles – inside flaps along the edges of your longer felt piece and pin – we recommend putting two or three pins in the center. Using your Frixion Pen (Fabric Marking Tool) mark dots along the three sides – this is where you will stitch – leave approximately 1/4” – 1/2” between each. You can either go straight to stitching or using your hole puncher create the holes – – this is great way to introduce a new stitcher to hand sewing – guides them to where to put the thread and needle in and out.



Once your holes are created or you are ready to stitch thread your needle with embroidery floss or yarn measuring approximately 36” – 40” long. Depending on how big your stitches are will determine whether you need more thread.

Stitching Mother's Day Book Cover

Stitch both flaps using a straight stitch – in and out.

Step 4:

Iron on your Heat N Bond (fabric adhesive) to the back of your fabric scraps, pin, trace and cut out your designs.



Lay out your design on the front and or back of your cover. Iron in place (you can also use a glue gun).

Add a solid piece of felt to the back and hand write a note using a Sharpie and or fabric marker.


The options are endless – – add buttons, hand stitch or draw additional decorations – – it is all about customizing it and of course having fun!!

Happy Stitching and Happy Mother’s Day!

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