Monthly Archives: April, 2012

In Honor of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a time for fun, food, and margaritas of course! But it also got us thinking about all of the fabulous jewelry, textiles, and fashion trends that have been inspired by Mexico. In honor of this festive holiday, we’ve put together some of our favorite fiesta finds.   1. Dress from 2. […]

Fabric Remix: Bold Florals

April showers bring May flowers! And wow, do we have a lot of great florals fabrics in the store. This week we wanted to bring you some of our favorite bold florals, but please feel free to stop into the shop or check out our store to see more of our springtime offerings. They’re […]

the dottie angel workshop…

   Well it has been more than a week since I spent a fun, inspiring and creative weekend with the fabulous Tif Fussel and thirteen other “Dottie Angel Dearies” as Tif  refers to us! I wanted to share about what an incredible experience I had getting to know Tif, meeting other like-minded creatives while crafting and stitching […]

The Chloe Top

With the new season upon us it’s a great time to design a new top! I recedntly designed (with some help)  a short sleeve cotton blouse with a bow on top. We call it the “Chloe Top” because that’s my name and I was the first to make it at Pins & Needles! It’s great for a dinner by […]

Mommy-to-Be: Chick Bookends

This past week I decided to modify a pattern I found in a magazine, which showed readers how to create cat bookends. Because my nursery has chicks in it I decided to try and make chick bookends in the sam fashion. I started by choosing my fabric. My nursery’s colors are yellow, white, and grey, […]

bows are back…

I have always been crazy about bows, but it seems I am not the only one lately. I have come across lots of bows in fashion, home decor and of course crafts. For me bows are lady-like, femanine, pretty and fun! Just this past week we were working some of our students to create bow […]

Sock Owlies for Earth Day

In honor of Earth day this year, let’s celebrate and recycle hole-y socks! You know you have them hiding in a drawer somewhere. The best thing is you can use the scraps for stuffing. Print out the Sock Owlie Pattern. Select a size that fits your sock width and cut out two pieces. (It’s best to […]

Mommy-to-Be: Pacifier Clips

I found this easy and useful tutorial on Sew, Mama, Sew! and I just had to try it out. These pacifier clips are as easy as 1, 2, 3 and make great gifts. Materials Needed Suspender clips Velcro Thread Fabric Interfacing How To  Because I don’t have a serger I modified the pattern slightly, so […]

Fabric Remix: What’s New

Now that spring is here and summer is quickly approaching, we are getting all kinds of new fabrics into the shop. Here is just a sampling, but one of our personal favorites is the mustache print, we definitely plan on making a skirt out of each of these fabrics.

off to seattle…

  I am really excited to share some details about an exciting trip I will be leaving to go on this Thursday…Angela Ritchie’s Ace Camp Dottie Angel Workshop. A little bit of background. I discovered Angela Ritchie’s Ace Camps about a year or so ago when I learned about a trip Angela was hosting with […]